Fraser Clancy Lawyers


- Introduction -

Established in 2001, Fraser Clancy is a cutting-edge international law firm with offices in Australia and across Thailand. It stands out by providing a wide range of legal services to both foreign and local clients, with a focus on quality assurance and cost effectiveness. Our multi-national team practices in areas ranging from financial investment and corporate structuring to civil dispute resolution and criminal litigation. We strive to provide a unique personal service, tailored to your individual needs. Fraser Clancy’s success rate is exceptional because we have the relationships in the legal ecosystem as well as a close eye on the ever-changing laws. We live and breathe the law to give us an edge in helping you.

Well over 90% success rate across all of Fraser Clancy law cases

Offices in all key locations across Thailand
Best international legal team in the country and beyond
Special focus on unique cases to expand expertise
Customer at the heart of everything we do


Commercial law

Browsing for a quick along with convinced remedy to some thesis producing obstacle? Acquire solid crafting assistance in this article. Top quality, simple the end, well timed interaction write my essay. EXCELLING IN BUSINESS Assist Me Now Fraser Clancy has a broad and well-versed expertise in Commercial Law across all of Thailand.

Immigration and Labor law

Fraser Clancy has a broad and well-versed expertise in Commercial Law across all of Thailand. Some of its areas of specialty are: Visa-related services, Employment Litigation, Immigration Law, Thai and International Employment and Labor Law, Employee Benefits Appeals.

Tax law

Taxes in all their varieties are a complex subject matter. Even Einstein called it ‘the hardest thing to understand in the world’, so there is no shame in reaching out to Fraser Clancy for expertise and assistance. 

Family law

If you are looking for a Family Law Attorney anywhere in Thailand, Fraser Clancy and its partner Troi Family Lawyers specialize in: Family-related Visas,, Marriage and Divorce, Custody and Support, Guardianship and Filiation, Estate planning, Last Will and Testament as well as other family matters. 

Criminal law

If you are charged with a crime anywhere in Thailand, reach out to Fraser Clancy immediately. Fraser Clancy and its partner Riker Law specialize in criminal law and understand the importance of fast action.